About Us

Born in the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown, New Zealand. Wherewolf is a guest registration suite of tools made for, and by, adventurers.

The Founders

Ben and Wulf met when Wulf was hacking by day and DJ-ing by night, and Ben was running a pub crawl called A Big Night Out. Ben wanted an app to sign in his guests and boost social media engagement – to eventually take the number one spot in Queenstown attractions. Always in need of a late spot to end up on the pub crawl, and ongoing technical support, Ben would often find himself asking ‘where is Wulf?’. Hence, the name, Wherewolf. 

It didn’t take long for them to realize that many other businesses were in need of a similar solution. Ben and Wulf knew they had something their Queenstown community would love, so they set out to redesign the traditional waiver experience. Today, Wherewolf supports thousands of businesses all around the world and checks in millions of guests, but we still remember what it was like to sit down for a cup of tea with every new client and hear about their day. This ethos guides our service and we’re only ever stoked when the people we work with are too.

Our Goal

To offer seamless solutions that remove complexity for an elevated guest experience.

Our Mission

To help businesses provide the best possible experience for their guests.

Our Values


We know we will be challenged to continually reimagine entire processes and to remove friction with a considered and deliberate approach. There is no hand-brake on change, and it can come from anywhere. We must venture into the unknown to grow.


We must have complete confidence in our ability to deliver. We instill confidence in our customers, and we do this with an assured, humble and ego-free attitude.


We have a relentless drive to succeed. When we fail, we pick ourselves and each other up, and we strive to find solutions with a gritty determination.


We have each other’s backs, and we work together to win the trust of our colleagues, our customers and their guests. We treat each other with compassion and respect, and we trust each other to work autonomously but with accountability and transparency. We create a culture of integrity where everyone feels safe, valued and listened to.

Meet The Team