Can you take online waivers when offline, and can you type an electronic signature? We cover six of the most common concerns about online waivers for tourism.

Which questions should you ask guests to minimise potential risk to other patrons and staff? Check out our COVID-19 questionnaire template for inspiration.

If you need to have your restaurant patrons check in with their details, a QR code is an ideal option. Here’s how to get started with free online waiver software.

Need a fast, hygienic and free waiver signing app or solution? Here are three simple options to help you get those activity liability waivers signed and sorted.

With a free event registration app, building your guest list can be simple. Wherewolf is ideal for free guest registrations for tours, events and experiences.

We explore solutions and ideas to continue your brand through the entire customer journey, from advertising and marketing to booking and activity waivers.

Wherewolf integrates with a lot of other useful tools you already use in your business, from PDF storage to email marketing. Today, we’re going to give an overview of the most popular type of integration – our integrations with your bookings system.

Adventuring since 1983 and boasting an untarnished safety record, Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours offers some of the finest whitewater rafting and adventures in Durango Colorado. Check out the video below to see how David Moler and his team have been using Wherewolf to manage their waiver process. Faster check-in process equals happier customers “Our

There is a vast variety of organisations that are now benefiting from a modern services waiver and check-in solution, from hospitality to hospital visitors.

Your liability or services waiver is essential when you’re a tourism or travel operator, but what is required for an electronic signature to be legally binding?

Safety and hygiene are going to be key considerations for adventure tour operators in 2020 and beyond. Here’s how contactless electronic waiver software can help.

Make your COVID-19 response plan part of your existing routine, and ask your guests about their personal wellbeing in your liability waiver.

Digital waivers can make your life incredibly simple, while streamlining the entire customer experience. This is especially true for guests that fill in their waivers in advance as opposed to on-site. At Wherewolf, we always get asked the same question – “How can we get the majority of our customers to fill in their waiver

Trying to decide between Wherewolf and Smartwaiver? This handy feature comparison chart will help you make that decision. Best fit for you? Smartwaiver is a very basic digital waiver platform designed to simply replace your paper waiver process. So if you’re looking for something more robust that solely focuses on the adventure tourism industry, Wherewolf

Did you know?… that 72% of business leaders agree that improving the documentation process increases customer satisfaction*. Which means replacing your old fashioned clipboard process, with a custom iPad check-in app provided by Wherewolf, your customers will also have a better experience at your establishment. No brainer right? So what is stopping you from moving