Can you take online waivers when offline, and can you type an electronic signature? We cover six of the most common concerns about online waivers for tourism.

How can a mobile waiver app improve your customer experience? Let us count the ways. From smoother check-ins to better service, here are five fast enhancements.

With a free event registration app, building your guest list can be simple. Wherewolf is ideal for free guest registrations for tours, events and experiences.

Extreme activities and their associated risks can require unique activity liability waivers.
Here’s why a flexible waiver solution is key for activity operators.

Pick up some tips on how to constructively use guest feedback to optimise your adventure tourism business, using Wherewolf’s flexible online waiver solution.

Who would have expected in mid-2019 that in 12 months’ time international flights would be grounded, cross-border travel plans would be on hold indefinitely and we’d be spending far more time close to home? As such, there isn’t much we can say with certainty about the travel industry when we look forward to 2021 –

There is a vast variety of organisations that are now benefiting from a modern services waiver and check-in solution, from hospitality to hospital visitors.

With customer markets and expectations constantly shifting, it’s vital for adventure tour operators to stay agile through tools such as online waiver apps.

There’s no reason to be managing customer service processes by hand. Here are five processes to simplify and automate, including booking and services waivers.

Running an adventure tourism business can be truly rewarding with the right start. Here are a handful of useful tips, from planning to streamlining tour waivers.

Make your COVID-19 response plan part of your existing routine, and ask your guests about their personal wellbeing in your liability waiver.

After launching globally in 2016 to 55 Countries, ‘Airbnb Experiences’ has officially made it to New Zealand. Travellers can now find unique “experiences”, from a sports lesson with a Squash World Champion to a craft class in creating your own skincare oil, through Airbnb. So what is an Airbnb Experience? Think of Airbnb Experiences as tourists meeting

How resource efficient is your company? How often do you review your waste management structures? Are you still operating the same processes you were back in 2000? If so, it’s likely time you need a review! By effectively implementing new thinking and technologies you can reduce the amount of time and energy wasted and apply