How To Gather Waivers As Guests Arrive

Wherewolf’s pre-arrival waivers get customers ready by automatically sending their waivers… but there’s bound to be someone who doesn’t keep to the program. 

You know the type – the type that arrives at the airport with cases of luggage five minutes before boarding closes. The type that slept in and missed their ride. The type that will turn up at your business after the safety briefing has finished without any shoes on, and no waiver. 


At least your customers can sign in onsite too. We have a few ways for you to get this done, feel free to use any (or all!) of these options with your guests. 

Sign in on the iPad app

The Wherewolf iPad app is custom-branded for your business, so your guests get a sleek brand experience from start to finish.

Booked guests search for their booking, and this selection pre-fills their waiver with the booking data. These guests won’t need to enter what time they’re coming in, or what tour they’re doing, because the integration has already told us. Reservation systems offering a 2-way integration will display these completed waivers in their dashboards too.

You can ask different questions in the iPad app than in the pre-arrival waiver webform too. If you wanted your reeeaally late customers to only answer 3 or 4 questions on-site and to skip the “nice to have”s, then your iPad app waiver can keep the line moving.

Resending the waiver

If you can see a certain group is late, or unorganised, then you can resend their waiver email with a simple click. First, find their booking in your “Search Bookings” tab. You’ll see a column for ‘automations processed’, and you can click on any of those options to resend the waiver link and give those customers a hurry-along. This link is specific to their booking so, not only is it quicker and easier, but many reservation systems display these waivers in their manifests and dashboards for you too.

Scan in with the QR Code

If you want your guests to scan in to access their booking-specific waiver links, the QR Code is the way to do it!

Just locate the booking under the “Search Bookings” tab, just like above, then click the icon next to the pre-arrival waiver link to expand a QR Code for that group. Your guests can scan the QR Code with their phones and open up their waiver on their own devices.

By using their booking specific QR Code, these guest waivers are integrated with their reservation (just like on the iPad, or in the pre-arrival waiver!).

What about walk-ins?

If your guests arrive without bookings they can still sign in on the iPad, or by opening up your generic link. You can share the generic link as a QR Code, or in a text or email. 

Walk-in guests who complete a waiver are still displayed in Wherewolf’s manifest so your staff always know who’s onsite, and you’ll continue to gather invaluable insights using your Wherewolf Analytics.

We’re always finding ways to cut down on stress, time, and paperwork. If you’re not already part of the waiver revolution with Wherewolf, call us today for a demo.


Remember – pre-arrival automations rely on an integrated booking platform

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