Adrenaline Rush Slingshot

Streamlining Adventure Business Operations with Wherewolf: A Case Study on Adrenaline Rush Slingshot


Adrenaline Rush Slingshot, founded in 2015 by Kurt, offers tourists an adrenaline-pumping experience with three-wheeled slingshot vehicles in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. As the owner of the company, Kurt has a wealth of experience in the industry and recognizes the importance of enhancing customer experiences – all while ensuring safety and mitigating potential risks.

Seeking to streamline operations, Adrenaline Rush Slingshot was outgrowing the Polaris digital sign-in process and needed something that would help them go to the next level with a modernized waiver process. After chatting to our team, Kurt partnered with Wherewolf to bring transformative changes to his already game-changing business.

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Kurt was encountering several challenges that impacted the growth and efficiency of Adrenaline Rush Slingshot – not just tedious paperwork and safety compliance. The Slingshot vehicles are a sought-after piece of equipment, making them an attractive prize for dishonest ‘customers’ to come and pinch. 

There’s people who are very bold and come in as renters to take them [vehicles]! You kinda learn the hard way when you start… It’s tough, but it’s part of the business, and the waivers and anything else we can do to mitigate even a little bit of any of that stuff is fantastic. Having a detailed digital waiver also helps immensely with our insurance.


Recognizing the need for a reliable, scalable digital waiver solution far beyond what industry templates could provide, Kurt decided to transition to Wherewolf’s digital waivers. Wherewolf worked closely with Kurt to create customised digital waivers that encompassed all necessary legalities and safety information. 

Onboarding with Wherewolf was “as smooth as silk”, says Kurt.

The staff were super patient, everybody was great. They taught me like a fourth grader, and I was up and running in a day and a half. Everybody was fantastic.


By embracing Wherewolf’s digital waiver solution, Adrenaline Rush Slingshot transformed its business operations and customer experience. Kurt’s decision to transition to Wherewolf’s digital waivers allowed the company to focus on loss prevention, enhanced safety compliance, and streamlined operations.
Wherewolf built a comprehensive digital waiver app for Adrenaline Rush Slingshot, ensuring customers understand the risks associated with the slingshot experience while protecting Kurt from chargebacks and theft. The user-friendly interface allowed customers to complete the waivers quickly and efficiently, and Wherewolf’s pre-arrival check-in feature enabled customers to complete waivers remotely before arriving at the facility. This streamlined the check-in process and reduced wait times, improving customer satisfaction.


I would say 95% of our people do the pre-arrival waiver… the customers come in and go “Yeah, that really was super easy”. So that’s fantastic feedback, from an actual customer perspective.


Wherewolf’s platform integrated seamlessly with Adrenaline Rush Slingshot’s systems, automating data syncing and centralizing information. This eliminated manual data entry, reducing errors and ensuring accurate records. The success of Wherewolf’s implementation has led to a strong and ongoing partnership with Adrenaline Rush Slingshot. Wherewolf continues to provide support, updates, and customized features to meet the evolving needs of the adventure business.

We’re very happy, and I’m looking forward to some new features and new things to come!


The collaboration between Adrenaline Rush Slingshot and Wherewolf serves as a testament to the impact of leveraging technology to drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the adventure industry. As Adrenaline Rush Slingshot looks forward to new features and continued success, Wherewolf remains a crucial partner in their journey towards excellence.

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