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Reaching New Heights: A Case Study on Outback Ballooning

Outback Ballooning launches from the blisteringly beautiful Alice Springs, deep in the Red Centre of the Australian Outback.

From above, their guests see from horizon to horizon and watch the sun come up over one of the world’s most challenging and rewarding landscapes. This premier hot air balloon operation discovered the transformative power of shifting to digital waivers with Wherewolf.



Andrea, the owner/director, stumbled upon Wherewolf through an online search after recognising the need to cut down on paper touchpoints with her guests. COVID had brought in all-new restrictions and the risk of transmission was too high…. Not to mention the paper storage was becoming a drag.

"When Covid hit and then we started flying again, we couldn't pass a piece of paper and pen around the bus... So that started it all. But once we got the electronic waivers, we were like,' wow - this would have been good to have a long time ago!' "

The implementation of pre-arrival digital waivers, which include in-depth questions about health conditions, has led to an uplift in the company’s operational efficiency. Gathering contraindications or potential health concerns before guests arrive has equipped the Outback Ballooning team with the information they need to keep their customers safe and respond proactively, instead of reactively. 

Getting this information ahead of time is a game-changer – not just from a liability standpoint, but for Andrea’s efficiency and onsite experience. Guests are no longer expected to complete paperwork on arrival, they can simply turn up and take to the skies.

"90 percent to 95 percent of our people would be checked in before we pick them up in the morning".

Any guests without completed waivers are invited to complete a waiver on arrival – still fully integrated with their reservation data, to make opening and signing waiver a breeze. 

Each guest is emailed after the tour and invited to leave a review – Outback Ballooning enjoys glowing feedback and consistently high reviews on TripAdvisor, thanks to the incredible experience and service they provide. Wherewolf review emails go to each adult guest – not just the lead booker – and are designed to align with Outback Ballooning’s branding. The result? One smooth experience, from before they arrive to long after they’ve touched back down to earth.

"We’re happy and always recommend Wherewolf to anyone looking for digital waivers."

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