Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours

Adventuring since 1983 and boasting an untarnished safety record, Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours offers some of the finest whitewater rafting and adventures in Durango Colorado. Check out the video below to see how David Moler and his team have been using Wherewolf to manage their waiver process.


Faster check-in process equals happier customers

“Our check-in process has gone from 15-20 minutes with paper, to 5 with Wherewolf”, says David. Not only does Wherewolf’s electronic waivers eliminate stacks of paper, but by getting the majority of waivers completed in advance from your guest’s own devices, you can make sure the first impression is a meaningful one. “One of the benefits we didn’t realize we’d get with Wherewolf” continues David, “is having more of a personal connection with our guests. Instead of going straight to ‘here sign this waiver” with paper – that’s already done before the guests get here. So now we’re spending more time getting to know our guests! And we can ask them questions like ‘what are you guys doing for the rest of your trip?’ and really get to understand how they were able to find us.”

Offline Waivers

Because Durango Rivertrippers is located in a semi-remote area, David needs to know that no matter what the circumstances are, his customers will be able to sign waivers.

“In the event that the internet goes down for any reason, we know that we can continue to have guests sign waivers. And then, if we need to upload those forms, we simply reconnect and sync their waivers with the cloud”, explains David. Wherewolf knows that a lot of operators work in remote parts of the world, so no matter what, your guests can sign their waivers electronically with our offline mode.

COVID-19 Impact

Digital waivers are absolutely the way to go”, remarks David. With clipboards, pen and paper, David and the team experienced a lot of queues. But now guests can be organised amongst themselves by using their own devices on site or in advance. As a result, Durango Rivertrippers are able maintain social distancing and reduce the amount of surfaces that need to be sanitised.

“We get to focus more on our guests’ experience than the administration side. People are just loving it, you really come across as a professional outfitter, Wherewolf allows us focus on what we do best”, concludes David.

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