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Wherewolf Is Much More Than a Digital Waiver for Quad Bike King

Stockton Beach in New South Wales is the largest moving land mass on the East Coast of Australia, with over 32km of mountainous white sand dunes and safe surf beaches.

It is in this natural playground that Quad Bike King gives thrill-seeking visitors with quad biking adventure tours that run up and down the rolling dune coastline.

Quad biking is not for the faint-hearted, and from an insurance perspective, is a high-risk adventure activity business. From the perspective of Quad Bike King’s General Manager Sharon Aldrich, the waiver is just one piece of starting a fun, and safe, experience – and operators who are relying on paper clipboards and a quick signature are missing a big opportunity to really grow their business.

“The check-in process isn’t about just getting a waiver to put away,” said Sharon. “This is the easiest opportunity for a business like ours to collect customer info and make sure each guest understands – not just signs off on – the risks of their activity before they commence.”

A digital registration system

Quad Bike King added Wherewolf to their technology tools to accomplish three key goals:

  1. Collect marketing data from all customers, not just the person making the booking
  2. Ensure the safety and health risks were more clearly communicated and accepted
  3. Streamline the data collection process to free up staff time

When guests arrive, they are directed to an iPad station where, in about a minute, they can complete a digital registration that includes a digital waiver. “Collecting that waiver from every individual person is something that we value highly,” Sharon said.

A customer checks-in at one of the many iPads set up to handle large group arrivals.

This is particularly important when it comes to minors, who are unable to sign for themselves. The Wherewolf iPad check-in app automatically prompt guardians of minors to sign on their behalf, meaning that Sharon and her team can go ahead and send people out on their adventure, safe in the knowledge that all legal bases are covered.

The system integrates with their Rezdy booking software too. Rezdy takes care of Quad King’s customers before they arrive by capturing customer data at booking, and once they are there, Wherewolf takes over – maximising the amount of data that Quad King can collect and use for marketing and sales strategies.
No more expensive paper processes

The digital waiver has created benefits beyond just the legal. Sharon is also impressed by the amount of time and money it has saved the business.

“Before we were using Wherewolf, we used to have to get our clients to come in and go through a whole paper trail…and then we had to store it, make sure it was all gathered together. Now with Wherewolf, it makes us so much easier for us. All the customer data and the waiver is stored in the cloud, and we can retrieve it at any time we like,” Sharon said.

More data to make decisions from

Before, that information had to be manually entered into some digital format to run any type of analysis. It rarely happened.

A customer indicates which marketing channel was the source of their visit.

“We are getting every single guest’s data, their email addresses, all in a ready to access format through the Wherewolf dashboard.” The dashboard gives Sharon’s team a simple user interface to access analytics and break down customers by various filters.

Diving into that marketing data the management team can see where guests are coming from and how they heard about us. The platform is helping Quad Bike Kings spend smarter, not more, to reach the right prospects.

“The data in Wherewolf tells us where our marketing strategies should be linked to. TV, newspapers, social media,” she said. “We can actually seek what is working, and what is not.”

Automation delivers great results

Wherewolf automatically sends follow-up emails to guests following their visit. “We’ve been using our social channels to run promotions, such as a social media photo competition,” said Sharon. The follow-up emails include links to write reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook and the results are helping the company grow their online presence.

A customer receives an automatic email from Wherewolf regarding their ATV experience with promotional offers and links to make an online review.

When you connect with customers quickly while the emotional excitement is high, it becomes “a great way of focusing on people that have just been here, and capturing those memories,” Sharon said.

“My favorite thing about Wherewolf? It does so much automatically. Our staff doesn’t have to lift a finger,” said Sharon. “We can just focus on the customer – and let Wherewolf do all the administrative tasks we don’t want to do.”

You can learn more about Quad Bike Kings and book an activity by visiting their website.

Crockford Victoria

This article was written by Victoria Crockford, a content editor and writer at Wherewolf. You can reach her at [email protected].

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