The Flying Bike

Discover how The Flying Bike, a cutting-edge electric bike tour business, revolutionized its operations and achieved remarkable growth with the help of Wherewolf.

From overcoming challenges to securing grants during uncertain times, we’re thrilled to be a part of the The Flying Bike story.

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Before Wherewolf, The Flying Bike relied on outdated paper waivers, leading to a mountain of paperwork and missed opportunities. Torin acknowledged the inefficiency of managing physical paperwork, storing boxes of waivers, and the potential challenges in accessing specific documents when needed. The lack of data collection from the paper waivers meant missed marketing opportunities and a lack of insight into customer demographics.

But with Wherewolf, they found a way to digitize waivers, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights into their customer base.

It was about being more organized instead of having boxes of papers. Then the marketing opportunity to gather emails from all of the customers instead of just the one who books.


Seamless integration, limitless possibilities

Thanks to Wherewolf’s user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service, The Flying Bike seamlessly integrated the platform into their daily operations. Beyond waivers, they harnessed Wherewolf’s capabilities to send automated post-trip emails, gather reviews, and can now explore marketing campaigns to their extensive customer list.

The ability to easily access waivers, protect his business legally, and capitalize on marketing opportunities has made all the difference to Torin and his team. With Wherewolf by their side, The Flying Bike is now ready to expand their offerings and nurture customer relationships for repeat business!

The Flying Bike knows how important excellent customer service is. That’s why they love working with the team at Wherewolf, who have provided attentive and helpful customer service over the years. 

Liability security and financial success

One of the standout successes for The Flying Bike was securing an impressive $8,000 grant during the novel and unforeseen challenges of the Covid pandemic. Wherewolf’s data collection played a vital role in demonstrating their eligibility, underscoring the platform’s financial benefits.

Our local entity was giving grants to tourism based businesses and you needed to prove that so many of your customers were tourists or coming from out of town. Because of the demographic data we have collected through Wherewolf, we were very easily able to write up a report showing that 90% of our guests are coming from out of town, and we were able to get an $8,000 grant during Covid. That helped us keep our doors open.


After many years in business, The Flying Bike has an strong record of putting customer safety first. Wherewolf waivers not only protect the business from liability, but they inform the customer how to participate safely. 

Torin tells as that, after six years of working together, there has been just one claim made against the company from a rider. Immediately, Torin was able to pull up that specific waiver – no sifting through boxes or old cabinets. Further, Wherewolf waivers do not allow customers to proceed unless they’ve completed every question that’s asked of them, so Torin can rest easy knowing that there’s no blank spaces at critical stages of the document, and he can immediately pull up any waiver from any date, at any time. 

That’s the main thing; understanding what’s the value when it comes to protecting your business. And so if you can be organized, and you can be confident in that, it can mean the difference of thousands and thousands of dollars.


Wherewolf’s integration into The Flying Bike’s operations has proven to be a valuable asset – enhancing efficiency, ease of use, seamless integration, and marketing capabilities. The platform not only addressed the challenges of the past but also played a pivotal role in securing financial support and peace of mind during challenging times.


The Flying Bike continues to grow and explore new avenues, confident in the support provided by Wherewolf. Thank you, Torin, Alice, and the team!

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