6 Outdoor Documentaries That Will Change Your Outlook

Maybe it’s raining. Maybe you’re isolating at home. Maybe it’s just one of those days. Whatever your reason, it’s feeling like a ‘settle into the sofa and hit the lights’ kind of day – here are our recommendations to bring the best of the world into your living room.

Get the popcorn ready!

1. Resurface

At just 27 minutes, you can watch this in less time it normally takes to pick a movie. Meet the war veterans who have their peace restored and passion roused in the waves and prepare to be moved and inspired. Side effects may include surfboard purchases.


2. 180 South

Follow a group of adventurers while they recreate the incredible 1968 trip of Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Doug Tompkins (founder of North Face). So already, you know it’s going to be stunning! You’ll have snowy peaks and surfing interludes; boats and vans; laughter and an epic soundtrack all skilfully compiled into an hour and a half of screentime. 


3. Fish People

Another short and sweet way to experience the great outdoors from your sofa. Meet 6 people and be immersed in their love letters to the sea with incredible cinematography and light-touch dialogue. Anyone missing shorelines and the deep blue, Fish People will speak to you.


4. Valley Uprising

There are a lot of jaw-dropping documentaries about rock-climbing out there, but this has to be up there as one of the greats. Rebel against park rangers and see people reach new heights for the first time, while you get to know Yosemite from a rock-climbers perspective and how it’s evolved over the last half-century. This is a must-watch for any rock climbing enthusiast, or anyone who wants to see how a small counter-culture can spawn an entire movement.


5. Finding Traction

Ultrarunner Nikki Kimball takes on Vermont’s Long Trail, an epic of steep terrain and rough footing. Nikki’s conviction and character will leave you awestruck – or at least, newly grateful for your sofa.


6. Sunshine Superman

Afraid of heights? Suffer from vertigo? Keep scrolling. In Sunshine Superman we meet the father of BASE jumping, Carl Boenish. Decide for yourself whether he’s admirable or out of his mind – but either way, the visual appeal of what he started is hard to tear your eyes away from.

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