Mailchimp vs Constant Contact: Which Email Marketing Tool is Right for You?

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers and grow your business. But with so many email marketing platforms to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

In this blog post, we will compare Mailchimp and Constant Contact, two of the most popular email marketing platforms. We will look at their features, pricing, and pros and cons, so you can decide which one is the best fit for your needs.


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that is known for its ease of use and affordable pricing. It offers a free plan for up to 500 contacts and 2,500 sends per month, and its paid plans start at just $9.99 per month.

Mailchimp has a wide range of features, including:

  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Large library of pre-made templates
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Extensive automation and A/B testing capabilities
  • Integrations with other marketing tools

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another popular email marketing platform that is known for its good deliverability rates and excellent customer support. It does not have a free plan, but its paid plans start at just $12.99 per month.

Constant Contact has a more limited feature set than Mailchimp, but it does offer some great features, such as:

  • Landing page builder
  • Online store
  • Excellent customer support
Feature Mailchimp Constant Contact
Free plan Yes, up to 500 contacts and 2,500 sends per month No
Pricing More affordable for smaller lists More expensive for smaller lists
Reporting More advanced Less advanced
Automation More extensive Less extensive
Email builder Drag-and-drop More manual
Templates Large library of templates Smaller library of templates
Integrations Range of integrations with other marketing tools Integrates with other Constant Contact products
Deliverability Can be inconsistent Good
Support Slow Excellent

Which is the best email marketing platform for you?

The best email marketing platform for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you are looking for an affordable email marketing platform with a wide range of features and integrations, Mailchimp is a great option.

If you are looking for a reliable email marketing platform with excellent customer support, Constant Contact is a good option.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing an email marketing platform:

  • Your list size: If you have a small list, you may be able to get away with using a free or low-cost email marketing platform like Mailchimp. However, if you have a large list, you will need a platform that can handle the volume of emails you need to send.
  • Your budget: Email marketing platforms can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month. It is important to choose a platform that fits within your budget. Both these platforms start out at low rates, with Mailchimp offering a free tier.
  • Your features: Consider the features that are important to you, such as automation, A/B testing, and reporting. Make sure the platform you choose has the features you need.
  • Your ease of use: You want to choose an email marketing platform that is easy to use, even if you are not a tech-savvy person. Options like Mailchimp have a library of pre-made templates, or the option to drag-and-drop design your own from scratch.
  • Your customer support: Constant Contact offers customer support, which some people may need. Mailchimp offers detailed support guides and training resources. Pick the one that’s right for you and your needs.
  • Your integrations: It’s likely that you’ll need to automatically populate your email lists, so check which services are compatible with your waiver platform or CRM. For example, Wherewolf integrates directly with Mailchimp. Constant Contact users must export their data and upload it.

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