Your Online Liability Waiver Questions, Answered

New to online liability waivers? No problem! We’ve rounded up some of the most common queries about why and how you can use an online waiver solution, to help you get started. 
What purpose does an online liability waiver actually serve? 
An online liability waiver solution essentially serves the same purpose as a traditional paper-based liability waiver – that is, it can help you to reduce liability for risks outside your control as you provide a service or a customer experience. If you’re providing tours, adventure activities, medical services, health and beauty services or other experiences, you may well ask your customers to sign a liability waiver beforehand.  
An online waiver solution simply takes this process to the screen, so participants can view and sign the waiver from anywhere using their phone or other device. As the service provider, you can store and access digital waiver information from a secure online database. You can also use your waiver process to gain useful insights and information about your guests, such as allergies, sensitivities and referral sources. 
Can someone sign a waiver electronically? Is this legal?
Absolutely; as long as your legal jurisdiction recognises electronic signatures as a valid way of executing agreements, a secure waiver solution like Wherewolf can be an ideal way of gathering waiver signatures for your business.
How do I send an online liability waiver securely?
The right online liability waiver system makes this simple. With Wherewolf for example, you can send guests a link via email or SMS ahead of time that links to a secure waiver form. Or, as guests arrive you could ask them to scan a branded QR code or use your custom-branded waiver app. Data is securely updated in your Wherewolf database as each waiver is submitted.
You can also integrate Wherewolf with your tour or activity reservation system, so waiver links will be automatically sent out for each new booking.
Can you use a liability waiver template?
While there are a multitude of free liability waiver form templates available online that can provide inspiration for your waiver forms, we’d always suggest speaking with your legal advisor to ensure your liability waiver is clear, specific and covers the key risks of the service you provide. 
How do you keep track of signed online waivers?
Fortunately this is easy with an option like Wherewolf! Guest data is added to your online database, where you can easily spot information such as guest preferences or allergies. You can even have guests check themselves in and them check them out as they leave using Wherewolf’s Active Dashboard, to maintain a clear idea of who’s still onsite. 
How do you create an online waiver? 
It couldn’t be simpler to create your first business liability waiver online. Sign up free for a Wherewolf Lite account, and from the dashboard you’ll be guided through building your first waiver form. You could also request a free demo, and we’ll walk and talk you through the process directly. Before you know it you’ll be sending out clear and professional liability waivers online.

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