How to Create a Seamless Digital Waiver Experience for Medical Tourism

Patients all across the world choose to travel for health and care procedures so they can access special expertise or great value. But gathering patient information and liability waivers can be a logistical challenge for healthcare providers, particularly when you might be located hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away from your patients. As such, an online waiver solution can be an ideal option for those operating within the health and medical tourism sector.


Why use a digital waiver experience for medical tourism?

A digital waiver experience can offer you a variety of benefits: 

  • You can send your online waiver link via URL or SMS for patients to fill in at their convenience
  • You can gain important patient information accurately and remotely 
  • Patients can take their time reading through important information and risks  
  • Patients can clearly acknowledge the risks by signing their signature electronically
  • You can enhance your patient experience with a professional, custom-branded waiver process
  • If patients haven’t completed their waivers before the procedure day, you can simply ask them to complete it by scanning a QR code or using your branded waiver app on an iPad.  


Whether your patients are living in a regional area and travelling across the state for a procedure, or travelling internationally, they can be reassured and fully informed about their procedure. The key is using a professional online waiver system.


How to create your digital waiver experience

It’s incredibly simple to build and send your customised digital waivers with Wherewolf, which is designed to easily send service waivers, tour waivers and medical waivers. 


Simply register for your free Wherewolf Lite account and you’ll immediately be able to start building your first waiver. You can customise your form fields, include your Terms and Conditions, and use a variety of question formats to ensure patients have thoroughly read through and understand the information. Once each patient submits their waiver form, the data is immediately uploaded to your Wherewolf database so you can check or verify patient information as needed. You could even choose to have patients check themselves in on the day and then check them out within the Wherewolf Active Dashboard as they leave, which can be particularly helpful if you need to observe patients for a certain amount of time post-procedure.


Prefer a personalised demonstration? You can register for a free demo of our waiver solution, and watch as one of our product specialists takes you through the features and benefits. There are no obligations – just a great experience to be gained for both practice and patient!

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