How to Create Easy Digital Registration for Aged Care Staff & Visitors

Visitor registration is an important consideration for many aged care providers. Registration allows the provider to maintain a clear record of who has visited and when, which can be vital for the safety and security of residents. And in the COVID-19 new normal, it also provides the chance to screen visitors who may pose a transmission risk and to trace any outbreaks. In some countries such as Australia, aged care facilities are required to screen visitors for infection risks and to educate visitors about social distancing and hygiene during their visit.

So the big question is – how can you easily and effectively provide digital registration for aged care visitors?

Wherewolf’s company liability waiver software combines a number of invaluable functions to create an ideal aged care registry solution:

Guest registration
As guests arrive onsite, they can be directed to your branded iPad app and check-in kiosk where they can enter their name, personal details and add their digital signature onscreen. You can request the personal details you require for your records, such as address or phone number. The check-in process is professional, easy and efficient, and all guest details are uploaded securely to your Wherewolf dashboard. Simply include a bottle of hand sanitiser next to the screen for optimal hand hygiene.

Screening questions
Do you need to take guests’ temperature or ask a COVID-19 questionnaire? Wherewolf makes it simple to integrate this into your check-in process. You could choose to guide guests through a checklist so they can identify any risk factors, and request a body temperature to be entered in the form following a manual thermometer check. Our team can help you set up conditional workflows to suit your requirements.

Guest education
If you need to or choose to inform aged care visitors about the importance of social distancing and good hygiene, this can also be incorporated into your handy Wherewolf app. This article shares a number of ways you can educate visitors throughout the check-in process, via terms and conditions, multi-select page or checklist formats. Best of all, visitors can be shown this information in a clear, modern and professional way as they use the free guest check-in app.

Guest management
Some aged care providers limit the time visitors can spend at a facility, either for COVID-19 safety or for the resident’s general wellbeing. By using Active Dashboard within Wherewolf’s online waiver solution, you can see at a glance how long each guest has been at the care home and check them out as they leave. It’s an effective way to keep track of who’s onsite and when.

If you’re looking for a paid or free waiver app for iPad, then consider Wherewolf’s cost-effective plans. This platform provides an intuitive experience for both your team and for visitors, so you can maximise safety and wellbeing for all.

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