Say it with SMS: Wherewolf Text Waivers

To keep your guests organised and engaged, you need every tool in the box.

SMS notifications have become a natural way for businesses to stay in touch with consumers – to remind us of when our appointment is, or alert us of any flight changes. Wherewolf can help your guests ensure that they’ve completed their waivers ahead of time by sending a text directly to your booking’s mobile phone.

Did you know:

  • An estimated 7.5 billion people will own a mobile phone by 2025!
  • Almost 99% of users open and read SMS notifications, with the average user responding to an SMS within 90 seconds
  • SMS has a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, and social marketing on calls to action. SMS notifications are delivered directly to a personal device where the inbox doesn’t have filters or folders for the message to get lost.

Email and SMS both have huge benefits, and can be used at different parts of the guest waiver signing process.

Emails are less disruptive, as most people choose to check their emails from time to time rather than receive notifications for each email. This makes emails great for sharing long-form instructions, or information ahead of time. In this situation, the customer has time to open and review the email.

An SMS sends an alert to your guest’s phone – so if you need remind them to fill out a waiver then SMS can be indispensable! An SMS, or Short Message Service, can only be up to 160 characters long, ensuring the message is concise with a clear call to action.

text waiver

Wherewolf’s pre-arrival automation options are configurable, but generally we recommend sending an email to your guests first. If it gets to the date before their arrival and that booking is still missing some waivers, we can send them an SMS and remind them to sign in online before arriving on the day.

The text will address the guest personally and remind them that they have an experience booked with you that they need to do a waiver for. The waiver is linked in the SMS so they can open it up on their smartphone and sign then and there, and their waivers are connected to their bookings so you can always find the right person with the right group.

If you’d like to add Wherewolf SMS waivers to your business, chat to our team today!

Depending on your country or region, Wherewolf’s waiver SMS service may not be available.

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