SOS! What To Do When You Need A Hand

Using Wherewolf is easy, whether as a team member onsite or a customer completing their waiver prior to arrival. But you’re still probably going to have questions one day!

And when that day comes, let me introduce you to the Help Button.

On your dashboard, under Settings, lives your Help Portal.

You can use this to search for the answers to all your questions! The chatbot will immediately find and suggest the most useful information.

If you still can’t find the answers that you need, or if you need help making changes to your software, our 7-day a week support team are available to help you out!

We have support team members across the United States and New Zealand, so you can contact us any time and the next available team member will get back to you.

The support portal uses your email address to create a “ticket” in the support queue as the most efficient way to solve your problems, but you can request an online meeting with a team member too.

Lastly, your product specialist and onboarding specialist both have direct phone numbers you can call for a chat.

Reach out any time, the team are all here and happy to help!

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