Stay On Top of Google ‘Things To Do’

If the ‘world wide web’ really was a web, then Google is the spider weaving the threads. As a business owner, knowing how to traverse those threads was already key to your business’s success – and their latest update is right in our industry, which means you can’t afford to miss the boat.

Read this article on Things To Do, and get started!

So, what is “Things To Do”?

Google has recently overhauled their “Reserve” tool and replaced it with “Things To Do”. The first piece of this exists within their Travel app, where users can search for a location and find the top sites, best experiences, and notable neighbourhoods.


The next layer is right on the Google search engine results page. Every time a destination is searched, a localised Things To Do tab is embedded on the page and provides a brief business overview for each listing. Additionally, any Google search query on a particular destination will feature a ‘Things To Do’ section embedded within the SERP.


This puts you in front of any web user or potential traveller who’s coming to your part of the world and, with paid advertising options, it can help you put your marketing budget to far better use if you wanted to try to boost your visibility. Rather than trying desperately to get on the front page of Google for your area, and competing with all local businesses, Things To Do allows you to advertise directly to travellers and experience-hunters.

Users can read about you and buy tickets right from your Google listing!

Each listing includes ticket prices and purchase links, reviews, operating hours, and a description. This means you must be keeping your Google business listing up to date.

Incorrect opening hours or contact information will undo all the benefits this new exposure gains, and you’ll frustrate potential customers. Likewise, your reviews and ratings will need attention. Reply to comments from customers, both good and bad, to show your engagement with your customers from before they arrive to long after they leave.

How do I get started?

Your reservation system will be able to set up the connection between your ticket sales and Google Things To Do. Google’s own help documents say that “We encourage attractions, tour operators, and activity providers to work directly with their res-tech provider to take part”, as the set-up requires intimate knowledge of data-sharing.

If you don’t use a reservation system already, Rezdy and FareHarbor are approved connectivity providers that can get you started on Google Things To Do today. Limited reservation systems are currently approved connectivity partners with Google.

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