Why Contactless Waiver Solutions Can Boost Customer Confidence in 2020

It seems that even a global pandemic doesn’t keep people from dreaming about their next adventure. 

A recent adventure travel survey showed that from over 3,000 respondents, 95% hope to have an overseas adventure in 2021. And another survey in March showed that 33% of US and UK respondents planned to rebook their delayed or cancelled trip to a different date, rather than give up on their vacation. That’s not to mention the local customers looking for activities close to home.

It’s clear that many customers are keen to go on adventures again once they’re able. 

So how can tour and adventure operators ensure that guests can book and attend with confidence, in 2020 and beyond? McKinsey research indicated that travellers are expecting additional health and safety protocols during this time. Customers want to feel safe, reassured and know that companies they interact with are taking their health and wellbeing seriously. 

McKinsey outlined three key principles to keep in mind while developing new protocols:

Give guests choice and control, through digital tools and greater ability to modify or cancel plans. 

Be genuine and provide a personalised experience, and 

Use an agile approach and listen to customers’ needs.  


Wherewolf’s digital liability waiver app is a perfect solution for modern times, allowing you to offer a contactless waiver for your tours and activities, together with personalised communications. You can stay agile, because there are no lock-in contracts. And Wherewolf Lite is free for up to 400 waivers per month.

Integrate your booking and waiver process

With Wherewolf you can send guests a direct link to your electronic liability waiver, or you can have guests scan a customised QR code to fill in the waiver on their own device. But it can be even easier, too. 

Wherewolf integrates with a range of tour booking reservation systems, including Rezdy, Xola, PeekPro, FareHarbor and Bookeo. As each booking is made with integration in place, a pre-filled waiver can be automatically sent to the guest for an even smoother process. They can fill in the activity waiver without any contact with shared pens or clipboards, and enjoy your tour or activity with peace of mind. You can also print an easy daily manifest, or upgrade for full marketing and operational integrations.

It’s easy to see how useful a contactless waiver solution is in a post-COVID-19 world. Because many businesses are required to record guest details, Wherewolf is proving invaluable across tourism, services and restaurants and hospitality.

Other ways to boost your guest confidence in 2020 and beyond:

  • Plan out your COVID-19 health and safety policies clearly. Your specific state or federal tourism board should have helpful guidelines and resources for tourism operators. 
  • Add a notice somewhere prominent on your website to outline your COVID-19 health and safety policies and provide reassurance for your guests. 
  • Update your cancellation and postponement policies and make these easily accessible on your website, so guests can make fully informed choices when booking. 
  • Train staff on the importance and implementation of your COVID-19 policies, so they feel equipped to speak up and support these policies.
  • Keep in touch with guests through email and social media to provide a genuine and human experience. 

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