Why QR Codes are Ideal for Restaurant Check-ins in 2021

With many states requiring restaurants and venues to have patrons checking in for COVID-19 contact tracing records, lots of businesses within hospitality are looking for easy, safe and secure check-in methods. Here’s why QR codes can provide the ideal solution for restaurants.

QR codes enable contactless check-ins

A QR code can be entirely contactless, because patrons scan the code using their own device. They can type in their details and even sign a digital signature all on their phone – no pens on strings required! In fact, some restaurants are using QR codes from check-in all the way through to digital menus and ordering.

QR codes are fast, easy and convenient for everyone

QR codes are fast, easy and smooth to use, and they don’t require special software to scan. That means less frustration for patrons and staff, fewer queues in entryways, and the ability to have more patrons safely dine at your venue within your opening hours.

As your guest arrives they can be directed to a QR poster which might say something like this:

Please check in:
1. Open the camera app on your phone
2. Scan the QR code
3. Tap the link and check in

As soon as the guest presses submit, their details are securely uploaded to your online database for
effortless record keeping.

QR codes demonstrate you’re taking guest safety seriously

QR codes are now being widely recognised as a common sign that a venue is adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. Having a QR code displayed and scanned at your door is a sign that you’ve considered each guest’s safety and wellbeing.

QR codes can provide communication and marketing channels

Why not take this opportunity to build your customer following? You could customise your guest registration form to include a check box so patrons can give permission to receive promotional information from your business. Then you could use your database in Wherewolf to send a follow-up email requesting a review. With a paid Wherewolf app you can also export guest data for further marketing.

Looking for a QR solution or waiver app for iPad?

When you’re looking for easy QR registrations, a free electronic signing app or a mobile waiver app, here’s a solution to consider. Wherewolf provides online waiver software that’s completely free for up to 400 waivers per month, with affordable monthly plans if you need further integrations, features and functionality such as built-in marketing tools.

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