Customizing Your QR Code For A Seamless Electronic Waiver


Tour and activity operators – forget pens, clipboards and waiver print-outs for good!

Imagine how simple liability waivers could be when you can simply point guests to a printed QR code that’s easily recognisable with your brand colours and logo. As each guest holds up their phone, they’ll be directed straight to your electronic waiver right there on their own screen.

It’s quick, contactless and you can create your own bespoke QR code in around 10 minutes with a Wherewolf Lite account, which is free for up to 400 waivers per month. Your guests will have a far smoother experience, and you can minimise contact for your COVID-19 health and safety policy.


Never seen a QR code work before?


Not a problem – you can try it right now with our demo QR code if you have an iPhone, or an Android 9 or over. Simply open the camera app on your phone, and point it at the QR code to see the link pop up.

waiver QR code

Whether you’re running a rock climbing centre or in-the-field activities such as snowboarding or paragliding, this is the perfect option for adventure tour operators because you won’t need a front desk or clipboards.  


How to create your customised QR code for electronic waivers 

You can get set up with your custom QR code right now. Simply sign up for Wherewolf Lite for free and go to your Assistant Portal to customise and download your QR code. You’ll be able to print it, or display the QR code on a screen or device for guests to scan. 


Are other electronic waiver options possible with Wherewolf?  

Absolutely. You might prefer to send a unique URL (weblink) to your guests via text message or email prior to arrival, so guests can fill the services waiver out in their own time. You’ll get complete oversight into your completed waivers from within your Assistant Portal, and a daily manifest view.

And if you choose to integrate Wherewolf with your booking platform of choice, then the system can send out waivers for you automatically as bookings are made. You can easily load print out daily manifests to see which guests are on which trip and with which staff member. 

Wherewolf’s paid options provide a number of additional features, such as branded iPad apps for your front desk, marketing and reporting tools, and automated follow-up email functionality.

To explore the full features of this intuitive waiver software and find the right solution for your business, you can request a personal obligation-free demo from our friendly team. 

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